Call for abstracts

Abstracts are invited for presentation at IBS 2022. All abstracts must be written and presented in English, the official language of the symposium, addressing one of the following themes:

  1. Bioleaching of metals from low grade ores and concentrates
  2. Biotechnical pre-treatment of ores and concentrates
  3. Biomining of wastes, industrial ecology and circular economy
  4. Biotechnical treatment and resource recovery from mine and process waters
  5. Biostabilisation, bioremediation and ecological restoration
  6. Biomining microbiology, molecular biology, systems biology and synthetic biology
  7. Biological mineral formation and minerals exploration, biogeochemistry, and biosensors
  8. Biofouling, bioclogging and biocorrosion in mining industry

Short abstracts of 200-300 words should be prepared using the template provided via the link below, saved with file name of “IBS2022-abstract-family name” and emailed with email subject “IBS2022-abstract-family name” to by 28 February 2022. Please ensure that your abstracts do not contain figures, references, tables or equations.

IBS 2022 abstract template

When submitting your abstract, please specify under which of the above mentioned thematic areas the abstract fits, who would be the presenting author and preference for oral or poster presentation.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by the 31 April 2022.

The abstracts will be available on a USB stick at IBS 2022 for registered delegates.